Summer’s in full swing! Yellowtail on the chew!

This is a warm water year, with water temps in the 70 – 73+ range in La Jolla and the Southern California offshore banks.  The ‘offshore’ scene here off SanDiego is on FIRE with yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, and bluefin tuna fishing as good as it ever gets.  This fact keeps the boat pressure off of the La Jolla area, and the kelp line yellowtail bite has been excellent, with the local 1/2 day boat averaging a dozen nice yellowtail per trip, and kayakers getting their share!

The fish have been located outside the bull kelp areas of South La Jolla and that structure gives them a healthy advantage when hooked.  Be sure to be prepared with your kelp cutter rigs (heavy tackle with spectra/braid) and tight drags to get these fish to the kayak.  Along with the yellows are the three B’s – barracuda and bonito and bass. Go get some!