Spring Kayak Fishing

Calico Bass, Halibut, White Seabass, and Rockfish

Spring in Southern California has me watching the weather forecasts and water temperatures closely, and getting out to the kelp beds when conditions permit. Its an exciting time of year as many types of fish spawn in this season, and the pre-spawn warming water temps trigger their feeding to fatten up. Many fish that spend the winter in deeper water (100 – 200+’) will come into the kelp areas in 30 – 90′ to take advantage of the grunion, smelt, anchovies, sardines and other baitfish.

When the water temperature steadies around 62-63 degrees, the bass fishing can be excellent.  For La Jolla, see this page for temps http://cdip.ucsd.edu/?nav=recent&sub=observed&units=english&tz=PDT&pub=public&stn=100&xitem=temperature

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